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Opening Hours


We will be back in action on March 23

Admission to the park is conditional on booking tickets in advance!

You can contact us in the WhatsApp message to 050-3069922

important information: Tickets are purchased according to availability on the website only. Chaperones who do not do the activity do not need a ticket, Payment is only for the activity. There are seating and rest areas in and around the park. The activity will be performed in closed shoes or (strong) sandals, not in flip-flops or crocs, in perfect health and not pregnant. The activity takes place in a mostly shady forest, some parts of the trails are exposed to the sun. The activity takes place in rounds of two hours. Only trained and tied in leash dogs are allowed. You can pay in cash or by credit card for additional activities. There is a kiosk selling delicious pizzas, soft drinks and popsicles.

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