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Extreme Rope Park

Rope Park | Group Activities

אתגר בהר המשך קריאה

Etgar-Bahar Rope Park

Etgar-bahar Rope Park is located in a beautiful pine forest in Kibbutz Sasa overlooking the breathtaking view of the Galilee Mountains and Lebanon. The park has been built according to high European standards using professional equipment and recycled wood.

   our tratils

The high trail

The main attraction in the park is the high trail which is suitable for adults and children (age 9 years minimum height 1.35 meters). the high route includes 16 different challenging bridges 3-10 meters high.

The medium trail

A new and unique trail for children (6-9 years of age). The trail is 1.90 meters-high, it is made of 10 different original   bridges. The medium trail is an excellent activity for kids that are new to the world of rope parks.

The children's trail

For younger children (3-6 years of age) we built a “mini-rope-park” in which kids will climb, jump and swing with the assistance of a grown-up.

Additional activity


11 meters high and 80 meters long.

Climbing walls and ladders:

Challenging 10 meters climbing walls and special ladders.

Both zipline and climbing are suitable for all ages.

How To Purchase tickets?

To purchase, click on the green link - select the desired date and time and the type of tickets. If there is no ticket display - the tickets for this date / time have run out - try another date. Chaperones who do not do the activity do need a Chaperones ticket. 


     Sunday - Friday. opening at 09:00

     Last entry is at 13:00. Friday at 12:00, and Holidays and vacations at 15:00.

          Admission to the park is conditional on booking tickets in advance!

Opening Hours

important information: Tickets are purchased according to availability on the website only. Chaperones who do not do the activity do need a Chaperones ticket . There are seating and rest areas in and around the park. The activity will be performed in closed shoes or (strong) sandals, not in flip-flops or crocs, in perfect health and not pregnant.

Maximum weight for participation in the activities is 100 kg.

The activity takes place in a mostly shady forest, some parts of the trails are exposed to the sun. The activity takes place in rounds of two hours. Only trained and tied in leash dogs are allowed. You can pay in cash or by credit card for additional activities.

There is a kiosk selling delicious pizzas, soft drinks and popsicles.



High trail + zipline + climb: 130 Nis

Children's trail + medium trail + zipline + climb:100 Nis

Children’s trail + zipline + climb: 80 Nis

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